The Apollo Bedliner
Slip and Skid Resistant
Chemical Resistant
Appliable To Any Surface
Apollo Flooring
Slip and Skid Resistant
Chemical Resistant
For Concrete and Asphalt
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The Apollo Bedliner™ is a spray-on and epoxy based protective coating made with Dupont™ Kevlar® fibers which can can be used on any paintable surface.
Apollo Bedliners are flexible and strong, and they resist slipping,skidding, chemicals and day-to-day wear.

When sprayed into the cargo bed of a truck, you get all this protection without sacrificing any cargo space. The Apollo Bedliner offers great protection against corrosion and rust. It is easy to use and environmentally friendly. It can be used in hundreds of applications, from pickup trucks to the heaviest commercial vehicles.
Apollo Flooring™ is a skid proof protective polyurethane and/or epoxy coating that contains Dupont™ Kevlar® and is made for use on any concrete floor or asphalt surface.

When applied, Apollo Flooring™ will prevent surface deterioration, make floor slip and skid proof, resistant to all chemicals and give you an easy to clean surface.

Offered in high-gloss or matte finish.
If you want it protected, use an Apollo product to make it last a long time!